Carbon Footprint is the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, an event, a product, a person. Greenhouse gases caused by transportation, production and consumption, food, construction , chemicals , buildings and services. The footprint includes all six gases listed in the Kyoto Protocol but is measured in tons (tn) of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e).

Why is this calculated?

Once known carbon footprint , the company can follow ways to reduce the footprint , either by changing technology , or a change of raw materials, compensation or some other method. Some of the reasons to calculate a company ‘s carbon footprint are:

  • To locate production stages with the highest energy consumption in order to manage it to reduce operating costs.
  • contribute to tackling climate change.
  • demonstrate to customers that take care to protect the environment.
  • to participate in the markets “green” products.
  • to improve its image to consumers.

How do you measure it?

The basic formulas of a carbon footprint is an organization and a product. The calculation of the footprint of a business is based on collecting data on the direct and / or indirect greenhouse gas that wants to incorporate footprint . Usually the data are annual consumption, but the company can choose a shorter time period . Unlike in the case of calculating the carbon footprint of a product , data is collected based on product life cycle .

Our company has the expertise of calculating the CARBON FOOTPRINT in food processors and undertakes the design and calculation procedures in cooperation with international certification bodies, while also undertaking all the procedures necessary until your final certification, as well as your full support before and after this.


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