Management Competence System for Organizations materializing projects of the Public Sector

ELOT 1429: 2008 has been developed by the Greek Standards Organisation (ELOT) and is the national standard which sets out the general requirements of a management competence system that an organization must meet if he wishes to demonstrate its ability to implement projects of the Public Sector so effective and in accordance with the principles of  financial management and legal requirements. The standard applies to the establishment of an evaluation system of the managerial competence of organizations, not projects or professional competence management system. These requirements, depending on the type of project implementing organizations, should be combined with the specific requirements of the following standards:

  • ELOT 1431-1: 2008 ELOT Application Guide 1429 for the implementation of engineering infrastructure organizations in public sector.
  • ELOT 1431-2: 2008 ELOT Application Guide 1429 for organizations implementing public supply and service contracts.
  • ELOT 1431-3: 2008 ELOT 1429 Application Guide for specific actions implementing agencies with own means.

ELOT 1429: 2008 in conjunction with the corresponding specific model can be applied by organizations implementing public domain works irrespective of their legal form, size or category of ongoing projects. Organizations implementing public domain works can be state authorities, public entities, private entities, Societe Anonyme Character government, NGOs, Foundations and Associations to specific charitable causes. The adequacy types according to which an organization can be certified are:

  1. Public Technical Infrastructure (data object), including: construction, transportation utility lines, hydraulic, environmental, port / fishing, industrial development, energy, telecommunications and networks, technical studies, etc.
  2. Procurement Supplies and Services, including: Supply and installation of equipment, commissioning, creation and installation of computer systems, consulting services, training and counseling, etc.
  3. Specific actions (special). including? education, home help, actions carried out by their own means, etc.

The Audit Process includes evaluating the company against claims of the standard.These requirements meet the respective legal requirements and extend in each case in good practice issues related to the business. When the inspection is deemed by the relevant notified body as sufficient the certificate is awarded.

The management competence system is developed using the following steps:

  • Identification of legal and regulatory requirements for the implementation of public domain works.
  • Conformity assessment of existing management processes and records held by the requirements of the standard.
  • Review of existing procedures and records where there is a deviation from the requirements of the standard and introduction of new processes and files where there is a complete lack.
  • Staff training on system requirements.
  • Implementation of the system.
  • Review and modify the system if necessary.
  • Internal control Conduct.

Cooperation with specialized consultant is necessary to develop a functional and efficient system tailored to the needs of the organization which will meet the requirements of the standard and ensure the efficient management of projects. Factors that may affect the degree of difficulty in the implementation of the system is the size and structure of the organization, the kind of projects implemented, the complexity of procedures and staffing the organization with appropriate staff. ELOT 1429: 2008 can be combined with ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015 that may apply or attempt to apply the body so as to establish a common management system.

Responsible for certifying organizations against ELOT 1429: 2008 and the corresponding specific implementation guide is the accredited bodies by the National Accreditation System (ESYD). The certification process includes an evaluation of the organization's compliance with legal requirements relating to the implementation of public domain works, evaluation of the system in relation to the requirements of the standard and evaluation of its implementation. Upon successful completion of the assessment, the Certification Body shall issue certificate confirming the managerial competence which is three years, while in case of significant deviations defined corrective actions that should be undertaken by the agency before issuing the Certificate. Non-significant differences must be settled until the next evaluation. Depending on how to comply with the requirements of the standard graded and management competence confirmation levels of any organization as follows:


ELOT 1431-1:2008

ELOT 1431-2:2008

ELOT 1431-3:2008

Level 1

Each project is implemented with its own procedures based on defined minimum standards

Not valid

Level 2

Central management of all projects with standard procedures

Level 3

Central management of all projects with standardized procedures and a systematic measurement and analysis processes

The certificate is kept in force until executed scheduled periodic reviews of the certification body at least annually to check the maintenance of compliance with the specified requirements.

Advantages of certified Systems Management Competence under ELOT1429:

The CMD 43 101 / Straight 2038 defines mandatory confirmation of management competence according to ELOT 1429: 2008 for acts beneficiaries of operational programs of the NSRF for the period 2014- 2020. However, apart from the compliance with legal requirements an organization chooses to be certified according to ELOT 1429: 2008 in order to standardize the procedures of implementation of projects and to build on their efficiently deployed national and Community resources by achieving increased absorbency and achieve objectives of the project. The advantages of certified Systems for Management Competence under CC 1429 are:
  • ensuring compliance of the Organization with the requirements of the Community / National Law.
  • Proven ability to manage and implementation of co-financed projects.
  • confirmation of the Agency's competence in resources and logistics.
  • successful (efficient, effective, quality) implementing and managing projects.
  • continuous assessment of organizational models used in the management and execution of projects.
  • prevention by identifying any findings during the audit by the competent national and European audit bodies etc..

Our company undertakes:
  • To design, prepare and submit the file to confirm the Management Competence of the Beneficiary to the Competent Administrative Authority.
  • Examine and install Project Management System according to ELOT 1429: 2008 which is and will be certified by an approved by ESYD Accreditation Agency with the subject: "Managing Competence organizations to implement public domain works' for the Management Adequacy type A + B (projects with technical objectives, public supply and service contracts).
According to N.3840 / 2010 § 11.1, the Management Efficiency of final beneficiaries confirmed only by the two aforementioned methods.


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