The GlobalG.A.P. is a joint effort of retail companies and food commodities Euro Retail Produce Working Group (EUREP) establishing common rules accepted worldwide, developing a framework of good agricultural practice , continuous improvement and understanding of good practice and open communication, consumers and producers industries including producers and exporters – importers.

The new version of GlobalG.A.P. IFA 4.0 covers the entire management of aquaculture under a new expanded light assessment with specific requirements prepared by international experts of aquaculture. The new requirements of the Protocol has focussed on :

  • Protection and respect for the environment and sustainable development
  • Welfare of fish and other marine species
  • Traceability of feed, fry and broodstock
  • Health and safety of employees
  • Health and safety of the final products

The certification by GLOBALG.A.P. – Aquaculture has been already a requirement for many supermarket chains abroad and gives a competitive advantage to companies in the aquaculture sector , who want to export their products worldwide .

Our Company undertakes the study and implementation of COMPLETED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS ON FISH BREEDING AND AND AQUACULTURE PRODUCTION GlobalG.A.P. IFA 4.0 , that handles the total management of your enterprise or organism. Also our company undertakes all necessary consulting assistance until your final certification, such as your complete support before and afterwards Implementation of your own system, always depends on your unique requirements, taking into consideration the most excellent quality and the most excellent result with the smaller possible interventions in the operation of your company/organism, offering you consulting services in legislation and operational level


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