WHO-FAO Codex Alimentarius Commission Food Safety System , is the basis for the proper Quality Assurance and Safety in areas of production / manufacturing , processing , storage, handling food . The certificate is not enough in most authorities , however, is solid evidence of real concern of a small business related to the food chain ,for the observance of Good Practice Food Safety Rules , as well as HACCP

Steps For Organizing A HACCP System

  • Risk Analysis (Hazard Analysis) and identification of essential preventive measures for their control.
  • Identification of Critical Control Points (Critical Control Points), the production process.
  • Establish critical limits for each critical control point (absolute acceptance limits for each critical point ).
  • Define Prerequisite Programs and Operational Prerequisite Programs.
  • Monitoring system for each critical control point.
  • Establish corrective actions to be implemented for each critical control point CCP.
  • Establish procedures for verification and validation of HACCP system.
  • Establish documentation for functioning of HACCP system.

Our company undertakes designing and implementation of Food Safety Management Systems according to the standard WHO-FAO Codex Alimentarius, which handles the overall management of the business or organization as well as all the procedures necessary until your final certification .We provide full support before and after its certification.


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