In Arabic,Halal ( pronounced halal ) means the permissible , legality , appropriate . Muslim’s nutrition must only include Halal items only .

The size of the global Halal food market is estimated over 350 billion. The corresponding European market is estimated for 2006 at the level of 15 billion euros. In Europe today officially live more than 50 million Muslims , it is worth noting that the growth rate of the population is over 140 % in the last decade. Europe’s Muslims are increasingly looking for food products of high quality and modern gastronomic profile while meeting the nutritional requirements of their religion. The above phenomenon is notable in the United Kingdom, France , Germany and the Scandinavian countries. Already the sale of Halal from small national shops transported internationally in most large retail structures (Auchan, Carrefour, Casino, Intermarchi , Leclerc, Monoprix , Metro, etc.) and restaurant chains (McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, k . etc).

The Greek businesses can benefit by entering some products to process Halal categorized as follows :

  • Food businesses targeting exports to the Middle East, the Arab world , India and other countries with Muslim populations.
  • Food businesses that are already located in western food markets (Europe , USA , Canada , Australia , etc ) and want to go to there Muslim.
  • Foodservice operations aimed at feeding Muslims by religion customers (hotels , hospitals, airlines, shipping companies, etc.).

The majority of foods can be considered suitable for human consumption Halal, except for some prohibited:

  • Pork and products and some explicitly depicted below:
  • Alcohol.
  • Mollusks and shrimp.
  • Animals are slaughtered by inappropriately (zabihah).

There is an organized network of agencies and organizations to certify food as Halal. Tested in certifying basic recipes and food ingredients candidate . Then assayed facilities , practices and personnel management system in Halal.

Our company is able to take your preparation for Halal certification for food and cosmetics. A company that allready has a food safety management system by ISO22000, BRC, IFS or FSSC22000 or GMP / GLP for cosmetics have been the base for the development of a system ensuring Halal. Already developed a set of standards for certifying Halal food and we can support not only in their implementation, and the choice of the most suitable according to your requirements (eg exporting country , type of food , etc ).


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