Version 6, January 2012 – Food Safety and Quality International Standard. The IFS Version 6 is the result of collaboration between the members of German Federation of Retail HDE (Hauptverband des Deutschen Einzelhandels) and the corresponding French FCD (Federation des entreprises du Commerce et de la Distribution), in order to create a common model of food safety and quality Management System, known as International Food Standard or IFS.

IFS has been drawn as a united tool that allows the evaluation of applied systems of Food safety and quality of foods from the suppliers of alimentary chain according to a uniform approach. IFS is in effect for all lateral to the primary production stages of foodstuff treatment. Development of International Food Standard (IFS) v.6 is based on the continuously increasing requirements of consumers for safe foods and on the cover of requirements that result from the national and European legislation.

Structure of model IFS:

  • Responsibility of Administration
  • System of Quality Management and Food Safety
  • Management of Resources
  • Production Process
  • Measurement, Analysis, Improvement

IFS includes, apart from these, a number of requirements whose coverage and fulfilment is obligatory (knock out) and these are described concisely below:

  • Responsibility of administration
  • Monitoring System of each Critical Control Point
  • Hygiene of working Personnel
  • Raw material Specifications
  • Specifications of the final products
  • Management of foreigner bodies
  • Traceability System
  • Internal controls
  • Recall – withdrawal procedure
  • Corrective actions

Our Company undertakes the study and implementation of Food Safety and Management Quality Systems such as IFS, that handles the total management of your enterprise or organism. Also our company undertakes all necessary consulting assistance until your final certification, such as your complete support before and afterwards Implementation of your own system, always depends on your unique requirements, taking into consideration the most excellent quality and the most excellent result with the smaller possible interventions in the operation of your company/organism, offering you consulting services in legislation and operational level.


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