Our company

has experienced professionals

with long experience and expertise in the field of food industry and especially in industrial production-food processing. We are able to provide you with customized solutions-suggestions-ideas for the design, development and implementation of new Food products , according to your own standards, requirements or desires. We have and we can develop a wide range of recipes on foods like cured meat products, dairy products, fish fillets, smoked meat and fish products, olives, sauces, aromatic oils, olive pastes, salt cured vegetables etc. We are able to provide expertise and advisory support to new product development from initial concept to final product packaging. All recipes are provided quantitatively checked, tested, and their compositions are in full compliance with the requirements of the Food and Drink Code and the requirements of legislation.

Ιnterim managers provide specified services under a certain project contract. Interim management services that our company offers for food businesses are above and beyond a typical consulting project.

  • They are partnerships in which we take responsibility of the operating result.
  • They are partnerships where the company officials and the interim manager join forces for a common goal defined, measurable and important.

The purpose of the company may be the contribution to the reorganization of a department, to develop a new product, the supervision to open a new production facility, the organization of a quality control laboratory, taking a permanent role in maintaining a food safety system, the evaluation of suppliers, inspection of subcontractors and / or franchisees, managing customer complaints, organization and functioning of the food crisis management team, identifying training needs and  preparation of annual educational programs, etc.

Ιnterim management services are collaborations besides advice and customer support, do the real work ...!

We take an active role in the business by offering interim management solutions and you spare the cost and time of search of new staff, the time and the cost of initial training and adjustment, you release your key employees of all the 'unproductive' workload , and save cost from the commitment to recruit permanent personnel for a project that will be completed in a few weeks or months. The interim manager can be with you five days or 2/3 days a week to locations within Greece or abroad. Details of our in-between collaboration  are been discussed and finalized at the outset. Fee is usually determined as per man plus travel and subsistence expenses of the manager. We do not hire staff , but as scientists with practical thinking and experience of working with a number of enterprises we can provide interim management solutions to our customers.

We are at your disposal to plan together the interim management cooperation that will feet  your needs and make your business concept run faster, at lower cost , without risk. We work with management, company executives and the involved departments to find the formula that will give the desired result. In such cases, the principle is: the fewer resources you consumpt in a project that you can have outside help, the more resources you will have available for projects that you can not expect help from nowhere.


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