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In November 2017, IFS revised the version 6 to version 6.1 The expected version 7 of IFS Food has been postponed until the end of 2018.

With this change, the standard meets the benchmarking requirements of the GFSI and will remain a GFSI reference standard. The main changes in version 6.1 focus on the following topics:

  • New requirements about food fraud
  • Revision of the requirement about allergens management
  • Integrity Program procedures were adopted to the rules valid since 01st May 2017
  • Mandatory inclusion of QR-codes on the IFS certificate to trace its authenticity

Changes for the certified organizations

Food Fraud

A new requirement was added to IFS version 6.1. The new paragraph 4.21 Food Fraud requires the following from food organizations:

A) a documented food fraud vulnerability assessment that will take into consideration all raw materials, ingredients, packaging and outsourced processes.The basic objective of this assessment is the determination of risk level in finished products from fraudulent acts (fraud, substitution of ingredients, incorrect labeling, etc.) with the aim of economic benefit and deception of the consumer.The criteria considered within the vulnerability assessment shall be defined.

B) a documented food fraud mitigation plan. Specific control methods and criteria should bedefined and implemented C) the documented food fraud vulnerability assessment and food fraud mitigation plan shall be reviewed in the event of increased risk (e.g food fraudincidents) or at least annually.

Allergens Management

This requirement (4.20 Allergens and specific conditions of production) defines that organizations based on hazard analysis and assessment should take measures from receipt to dispatch to ensure that the risk of allergenic substances originating from cross contamination is reduced. These control measures should be verified.

Implementation of IFS version 6.1

The version IFS 6.1 will come into force on July 1st, 2018. For Companies which are audited unannounced applies the following:

  • If audit period starts on or after July 1st, 2018 the company will be audited against IFS Food 6.1.
  • If audit period starts before the 1st of July, 2018 the company has to be audited against IFS Food 6 April 2014.


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